Investment Guide

A view of the clerestory living room

The Investment Guide

Thanks for scanning your postcard! We are offering your neighborhood access to download a complimentary PDF:

What is the Investment Guide? We developed the Investment Guide to help answer some of the most common questions homeowners have when they’re gearing up for an architecture and construction journey in the SF Bay Area. We’re all about helping you find that sweet spot where your home not only looks amazing but also makes smart financial sense. Consider this guide as a resource, giving you the tools you need to dive into the on-boarding process.

1. A warm welcome and introduction to Architect Cari Rosner.
2. How we can help you: A pre launch checklist intended to help us work together.
3. How to start a project: An outline of steps for getting started.
4. Construction Cost Calculator: A fillable PDF estimation tool for exploring budget options.
5. Design Fees: A design fee estimation guide for simple to complex projects.
6. Design Phases: An outline of what happens at phase.

Discovery Call
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